The Modified Mini Car Club of SA was formed in 1973, and it was also about this time that the name "Hotbricks" be adopted as the club's name.

From its inception, the club has had a broad appeal among Mini enthusiasts, catering to all aspects of Mini ownership. Within the club, there are people who enjoy participating in motorsport both as drivers and as support crew. Members of Hotbricks have run and won in just about every area of competition from out and out racing in "Sports Sedans" , "Club Cars" And "Historics" to hillclimbing , autocross and Motorkhanas. There are also members who enjoy restoring Minis and who have won National concourse events, there are people who have done both and many who have done neither.

Hotbricks has members who just enjoy a Sunday drive or tinkering with their cars to make them that bit better. We have people who just want to know how do you remove that hard to reach bolt and where can I buy a new one? In fact we have as diverse a group of people as you are ever likely to meet in a car club.

We have very young members and not so young members, we have people who can only just afford a Mini to people who have a few Minis as part of their collections. We also have a variety of social outings ranging from ten pin bowling to kart racing, from beach runs to pub nights.

We are not 'the' Mini Club. The Mini Club of SA is a separate entity. People often ask what is the difference between the two clubs? The most common answer given by either club is that the Mini Club (of SA) is more of a social and Hotbricks is more of a competition club. While this answer probably captures the feel of each club it does neither justice. The Mini Club of SA has a competition side and Hotbricks certainly has a social side. We think Hotbricks takes Minis more seriously without being serious people. Please feel free to try both clubs and then join the one that you feel most comfortable with.


Every year about 30 or so members head to the Mini Nationals held in Hay N.S.W. Hosted on the Queens Birthday long weekend, 'Hay' involves a concourse and a dirt motorkhana, an event that has been won by a Hotbricks member every year for the past seven years. In fact, last year, Hotbricks won the prestigious team trophy for the 5th time, just the excuse needed on what amounts to a great party weekend. 

The single common thread that ties all our members together is an interest in the mighty Mini. Hay is by far one of the more prominent events on the Mini calendar, and you'll find many of our members scattered throughout the town at any given time over the weekend.


Hotbricks has a strong history of motorsport, of course it is not the only thing the club is involved in. Probably only 20% of our members regularly compete, some never do. It is not for everyone but it is worthwhile for everyone who tries it.

The main purpose of motorsport is to improve your driving skills and have fun doing it. This purpose is met every time you participate, regardless of whether you win, loose or draw.

The Modified Mini Car Club of S.A. has a number of excellent drivers among its ranks (one was even offered a drive in a top touring car team), it also has lots of ordinary drivers, and a few somewhere in the middle. Each and every one of those drivers has improved their skill through motorsport. Some people rise up through the ranks very quickly, some take a bit longer and most will never be a champion. Everyone is slow at first! No one expects the new kid on the block to be competitive in his or her first few outings. So don’t make things hard by expecting it of yourself. The main thing is to enjoy yourself.

The beauty of being a member of this club is the fact that there are a lot of talented drivers who are more than happy to give you guidance if you want it. Don’t worry about whether someone is beating you or not, worry about what you can learn from them.

As a member of the club you are automatically eligible to be a member of the Confederation of Australian Motorsport or CAMS. CAMS are the body who oversee all motorsport in Australia. Speak to our President or Competition Secretary should you wish to get involved.

Social activities

All car club activities are also social functions; the meetings are a good opportunity to socialise, pub nights are a great one. Even motorsport has a major social component.

However we do have activities that are more purely social. The social secretary organises functions based on requests from the members. We usually have a social function every month or so. Keep an eye out on our Calendar for upcoming events! 

The sort of things we do are ten pin bowling, kart racing, slot-car racing, and movie nights. We also have promotional runs or cruises from time to time.

Due to having a common interest, many people form firm friendships within the club. We have a fairly broad mix of ages and occupations. We have more male members than females, so the club is probably not the place to pick up women. Having said that, a few members have actually met their wives through the club (and through club members).


"An expert is someone who tells you why you can't do something"

Alec Issigonis